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Our purpose at Profive Academy is that "everyone deserves to love futsal and experience the game at its best".

As the challenges of the Covid pandemic continue across the world, our 2021 motto is ‘to bring futsal to you’. We want to play our part in ensuring that you can learn the great futsal game in the best possible way, so that the new generation of futsal players have the best possible start to love, learn and live futsal.

It is our method that we use to teach futsal in our academy and now you can learn it too, from the comfort of your own home and become part of the Profive family!

Our 40x20 Futsal Methodology

  • A Different Method

    ▪︎ Based on principles

    ▪︎ Progressive Learning Method

    ▪︎ Develop Intelligent Futsal Players

  • Complete Learning Experience

    ▪︎ 100% Online, available 24/7

    ▪︎ Wide variety of futsal content

    ▪︎ Most detailed Futsal Method

  • Living & Breathing

    ▪︎ Continuous New Content

    ▪︎ Incorporate Student Feedback

    ▪︎ Be the best coach you can be

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A Different Method

Our method is founded on key principles that are fundamental to our game of Futsal.

It uses a progressive learning method to ensure the foundations are put in place before we expand the learning about the game.

It develops players who have great execution, comprehensive knowledge, awareness and ability to adapt to the demands of the modern game.
Progressive Learning

The Complete Learning Experience

Our 40x20 Futsal Methodology is a detailed learning experience and is available 24/7 online.

It covers the theory, diagrammatic explanations, common mistakes, coaching tips, video showcases, ready made (animated) practices.

We also check your learning progress through some fun quizzes. It is the most detailed Futsal Methodology available online today.
Learning Experience

Living & Breathing

Our methodology is continuously being developed to ensure it provides the best learning experience.

We improve existing courses based on student feedback and our own continued learning about the game.

We regularly release new content such as courses, webinars, practices, videos and animations to improve the learning.

All so you can be the best coach you can be.

40x20 Curriculum

Our curriculum consists of three blocks.

  • Offensive Block

    Our offensive block details our view of the offensive side of the futsal game. At the core of this block is our offensive play master course and we cover transitions, pivot play and also show you how to train offensive play.

  • Management Block

    The Management block details our view on player and team management as well as how to plan your season and training sessions. We also provide some guidance on how to manage game day and the game itself.

  • Defensive Block

    Our defensive block details our view of the defensive side of the futsal game. At the core is our defensive play master course and we cover transitions, goalkeeping and show you how to add defensive training to your offensive focus.

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