Inside the membership you will access to...

1️⃣All our on-line courses (more than 20) from the offensive, defensive and management blocks

2️⃣More than 270 exercises inside our Futsalpedia product that you can use in your daily sessions

3️⃣Complete training sessions. From the warm-up to the real game!

4️⃣Futsal Talks where we explain you many important concepts using videos and the futsal board

5️⃣ Save money when you get instant access to thousands of resources ... with new resources added each month!

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1- Online courses

Be part of our 40x20 Method based on futsal principles

The main objective of this group of online courses is to help you understand the main offensive and defensive concepts with theory, video explanations, tasks, common mistakes and tips.

2- Futsal Talks

Understand the main futsal concepts through our board video explanations

We will delve into the main futsal concepts offered in our online courses.

3- Training sessions

Complete offensive and defensive sessions

We want to offer you a complete set of offensive and defensive training sessions, from the warm-up until the real game.

4- Futsalpedia

The best futsal exercise data base

We offer you more than 100 exercises to help you improve your daily training sessions.

Check our courses content

The Futsal Netflix is here!

All our courses come with free updates throughout the year and with course handouts to keep.

A Different Method

Our method is founded on key principles that are fundamental to our game of Futsal.

It uses a progressive learning method to ensure the foundations are put in place before we expand the learning about the game.

It develops players who have great execution, comprehensive knowledge, awareness and ability to adapt to the demands of the modern game.
Progressive Learning

The Complete Learning Experience

Our 40x20 Futsal Methodology is a detailed learning experience and is available 24/7 online.

It covers the theory, diagrammatic explanations, common mistakes, coaching tips, video showcases, ready made (animated) practices.

We also check your learning progress through some fun quizzes. It is the most detailed Futsal Methodology available online today.
Learning Experience

Living & Breathing

Our methodology is continuously being developed to ensure it provides the best learning experience.

We improve existing courses based on student feedback and our own continued learning about the game.

We regularly release new content such as courses, webinars, practices, videos and animations to improve the learning.

All so you can be the best coach you can be.

Membership questions

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  • Why are you offering a membership?

    We have simplified our bundles by offering a single 40x20 membership that gives you access to everything that we offer. You can still purchase individual courses but the membership provides the best value. The previous bundles will remain accessible for the time being.

  • How much does the 40x20 membership cost?

    The 40x20 Membershjp price is €25 per month or €250 if you pay annually (two months free). The memberhip will renew every month or year (depending on whether you pay monthly or annually) until canceled from you student dashboard.

  • I have purchased a bundle previously what happens to this?

    Your existing bundle remains in place. If you like to move your current bundle purchase to the 40x20 membership (which we recommend) please let us know and we will add the membership to your account. We will set the expiry date of the new membership to the expiry date of your current bundle. There is no extra cost to you.