Implement our 40x20 Method in your team!

  • Team up with one of our Profive educators to develop your futsal club or team and increase the futsal performance

  • Receive access to our complete 40x20 Futsal Methodology to support the mentoring program

  • Receive support with futsal curriculum, sessions and guidance on how to get the most out of the 40x20 futsal method.

  • Have weekly video sessions with our educators to support the mentorship and achieve a step change in your understanding of the futsal game.

Full 40x20 Futsal Methodology Access

  • A Different Method

    ▪︎ Based on principles

    ▪︎ Progressive Learning Method

    ▪︎ Develop Intelligent Futsal Players

  • Complete Learning Experience

    ▪︎ 100% Online, available 24/7

    ▪︎ Wide variety of futsal content

    ▪︎ Most detailed Futsal Method

  • Living & Breathing

    ▪︎ Continuous New Content

    ▪︎ Incorporate Student Feedback

    ▪︎ Be the best coach you can be

What other coaches say about us!

Profive changed my view point

Patrik Barbic (Österreich National Team)

Futsal Profive changed my viewpoint, especially the 2-Players & 3-Players principles. I can only recommend it to any Futsal coach.

Great professionals at your disposal

Albert Cardenas (UEFS Manlleu)

Great professionals at your disposal to improve your team and you as a coach, helping you improve any doubts or problems you have and improving your fundamentals as a coach.

Great start to create your game model

Esteban Barragan (Sant Joan de Vilassar)

Coach mentoring is going very well if you don't know where to start creating a game model and identity of your team. It is worth investing in yourself if you are really passionate and like this sport.

Our work consists of three blocks

We will focus to develop and improve coach's knowledge

  • Game Model

    Defining coach's identity and game model.

    Defining and working the offense/attack model.

    Defining and working the defense model.

  • Training management and plan

    How the coach could plan and organize training sessions (offering modern tools to use), improving the time efficiency.

    Construct and execute a training session.

    Improve the creation of a task in a training session.

  • Game management and plan

    How to plan a game match.

    How to prepare and execute a speaking (before and during the game).

    How to improve the management and making decisions process during the game.

40x20 Coaching Mentoring

1 session a week (4 per month) with 40x20 membership included.