Our purpose at Profive Academy is that "everyone deserves to love futsal and experience the game at its best".

An important part of this purpose is to help those teaching the game have access to quality futsal education. For this reason LNFS England and Profive Academy have teamed up to make the 40x20 Futsal Method available at a discounted rate for all the coaches of teams playing in LNFS England divisions.

This is the method we use to teach futsal in our academy and now you can learn it too, from the comfort of your own home and become part of the Profive family!
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Video Introduction

José Carlos López Lozano, Technical Adviser to LNFS England, explains the partnership with Profive Academy.

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Our 40x20 Futsal Methodology

  • A Different Method

    ▪︎ Based on offensive and defensive principles to understand the game

    ▪︎ Progressive learning method

    ▪︎ Develop intelligent Futsal players

  • Complete Learning Experience

    ▪︎ 100% online, available 24/7

    ▪︎ Wide variety of futsal content

    ▪︎ Most detailed online Futsal method

  • Living & Breathing

    ▪︎ Continuous new content

    ▪︎ Incorporates student feedback

    ▪︎ Be the best coach you can be

LNFS England 40x20 Bundle Price

Pay just 175€ for the first year! (75€ discount)

A Different Method

Our method is founded on key offensive and defensive principles that are fundamental to our game of Futsal.

It uses a progressive learning method to ensure that foundations are fully in place before we expand further learning about the game.

It develops players with great execution, comprehensive game knowledge, tactical awareness and the ability to adapt to the demands of the modern game.
Progressive Learning

The Complete Learning Experience

Our 40x20 Futsal Methodology is a detailed learning experience and is available 24/7 online.

It includes theory, diagrammatic explanations, common mistakes, coaching tips, video showcases, and ready-made (animated) practices.

We also check your learning progress through fun quizzes. 40x20 is the most detailed and complete Futsal Methodology available online today.
Learning Experience

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