Implement our 40x20 Method in your team!

  • Team up with one of our Profive educators to develop your futsal club or team

  • Get support with futsal curriculum, sessions and guidance on how to get the most out of the 40x20 futsal method.

  • Have weekly video sessions with our educators to answer all your futsal questions.

Our work consists of three blocks

We will focus to develop and improve coach's knowledge

  • Game Model

    Defining coach's identity and game model. Defining and working the attack model. Defining and working the defense model.

  • Training management and plan

    How the coach could plan and organize training sessions (offering modern tools to use), improving the time efficiency. Construct and execute a training session. Improve the creation of a task in a training session.

  • Game management and plan

    How to plan a game match. How to prepare and execute a speaking (before and during the game). How to improve the management and making decisions process during the game.

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